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rat 15.06.16 00:36
slava CCCP

prick 15.06.16 00:15
Cool website mate lol joke , din't realise Russian fans where for of pussies who fight 5 on 1. That's not tough that's called being a bitch with no testicles. The worlds looking at you at the moment and thinking oh my god look at these twats.

Gayrussians 15.06.16 00:02
Enjoy the football. You all have monkey AIDS

Mutha 14.06.16 23:54
Interesting site. Lovely people. Beautiful images, especially the one with the young kid. Good luck in the football tournament.

Rr 14.06.16 18:27
Poor Russians look like ape men with same intelligence but then rcountry run by a 21st century dick head says it all ..... Back to caves history shows you as losers and always will be

Russian fans are like faeces on your hands. It won't wash off and it still smells vile! You think you're all so very clever, but in fact, you're all incredibly dumb! There's more fucking intelligence in a 5 year old child! 😂 You're a nation of hating, homophobic, racist, devious twats. But you all live in poverty and your government, including Putin, are a bunch of underhand, ugly, vile fucking clowns! You've segregated yourselves from the world, which is fine because we all hate you anyway! When your country comes crying for help though, remember there won't be any! 😂 You can all act like warriors in a big gang, but left to fight on your own, you'd be a group of pathetic little children! You're all a fucking joke, and what's even funnier is that UEFA has charged you and given you a suspended ban. You WILL be kicked out of the tournament, and EVERYONE will be pleased and laugh! God bless the UK, God bless Ukraine, fuck you Russian scum! Go back to your poverty stricken, poor, hating slums you fucking morons!

OSF 14.06.16 22:28

Романцев 14.06.16 23:03
Ебанутые гандоны, вы нахуй страну позорите?

нильс 14.06.16 21:32
Ахаха, вот и топ бордовский))) 417 онлайн. Что же вы творите экстремисты из Локомотива)))?

Russian scum 14.06.16 20:16
Where were you in the 90s? Russian scum shit yourselves to come to England. Pick on families?? Fuck off Russian scum, fucking Afghans ran you hahaha

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