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Try 15.06.16 06:48
Don't attack the Wales supporters. Believe me, they hate the English as much as you do.
But they are proud and will defend themselves, Wales is not your enemy. Nor have they any history of football hooliganism.

victor 16.06.16 11:47
Estos rusos son heroes, gracias por vuestro trabajo, los putos ingleses se creen los reyes del mundo y le habeis dado bien! Puta Inglatera piratas, puteros y cobardes!!!

h 16.06.16 11:21
well done! you sent your ultras to euro, attacked regular Johns and killed one of the grandpas. there is one word for it: DISGRACE

I hope my fellow polish ultras will roll over you for that.

dab 16.06.16 08:03
top boys for now....LEGENDS!!

Bushwhacked.com 15.06.16 17:08
You bunch of russki faggots,you know all the top boys in England are all back home on banning orders, make your name fighting alkies and little boys,come on down to bad it country ,bushwhackers ready and waiting to carve you up proper bunch of muggie cunts

Steven 15.06.16 22:01

15.06.16 22:01
, !!!
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! !!! !!!

Susan Shaw 15.06.16 22:01
Orel have their own team or they support Lokomotiv? Ya ponemayu. What happened in Marseille not good our pride damaged but some innocent fans hurt. 1980s the police had no control in England. Thousands of English ultras went to Germany 88 but times change people get older. Oh Sharapova that was unjust I don't support yr ban!

14.06.16 22:38
Special for English girls !!!

Official musik group from OREL BUTCHERS - Yaitcy Faberge




dab 15.06.16 17:06
the trouble is that all our 'top boys' are holed up on this rain soaked island!! 1600 of the irish/welsh/english are NOT in france as you know, the main concern here is the health of the 51 year old portsmouth fan that was beaten into a coma, that is NOT good as your statement says (thank you) because if he does not make it and one innocent russian fan or hooligan goes to ground with all the english drunk as usual, both of our countries will be going home, we respect your ability and fine organisation but leave 'fans' in the stadium alone please

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