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fuckyou 15.06.16 08:59
Russia... What a sad country. Do you have electricity yet?

fuck you 15.06.16 06:48
Rusians are gay and drunk, you like to suck black dicks

suckit 15.06.16 06:48
I used to have a lot of respect for Russia, but now, after seeing how you beat up the ordinary defenseless football fan and women and disabled people then shout about how hard you are, I can see that you're nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards. Let's see how hard you really are when you come up against your real English counterparts with no French or police to back you up.

sadi 15.06.16 06:48
Bande de fils de putes!!!

SUKA 15.06.16 06:48

DisappointedRussian 15.06.16 06:48
Ever thought about enjoying a football competition? You know, rather than destroy it?

ruck1 15.06.16 01:24
Ello Ruskis. Nice one beatn up drunk lads havn a laugh, tough guys huh. Come to Lille and meet the real deal. We dont wear poofta gloves or mouth guards ya fkn nancy pretty boys. Lets sort it out 07700 900761

Fedor 15.06.16 00:56
Волгоград с вами, поклонники локомотива))) Парням во франции удачи и драйва

goshea777@gmail.com 15.06.16 01:05
You Liberty taking family bashing fuckers.You picked and chose drunken rowdies silly fuckers who have no idea.We just pray you are in Lille,lens,when proper firms will now be together and prepared.We,who don't normally mix that much with England,are West Ham,we pray we draw a Russian team in the Europa league so can see a proper firm.Congratulations on your family/kid bashing trip,see Yous soon,COYI

flanker 15.06.16 01:00
Spain is with Russia. Fuck England.

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